Improve Your White Label Copywriting And Content Writing With Solid Analytics Insights!

As providers of white label, outsourced content creation – press releases, website content, articles and SEO copywriting services – White Label Copywriting Australia knows how important communicating with customers is.

Many clients forget about how important communication is on theefficacy oftheir social media campaigns and general marketingeffectiveness. There are tools available that can determine where any shortcomings are in terms of one’s copy and this relies heavily on social media analytics.

Social media analytics might not seem like it has much to do with your marketing content, but if interpreted and understood correctly you could use its data to improve your copywriting to instantly improve client leads and sales without them having to spend hundreds on making major changes.

In any social media campaign, copy serves two distinct purposes. The first is to get a targeted prospect to click on a link and the second is to ease doubts that they might have about clicking that link.Many businesses run a single campaign across various platforms and don’t make any modifications on the copyappearing oneach. This mistake is one that clients make frequently and can easily be diagnosed by taking a look at their social media analytics.

For example, you might find when looking at social media analytics, that the average length of your client’s Facebook campaign communications are too long and are therefore being ignored by customers. Research has determined that the optimal length for a Facebook post is 80 characters or less. Tweaking this copy will cost your client nothing but could improve their engagement by almost 70 percent.

Social media analytics can be invaluable in tailoring one’s written SEO content to the platform being used and ones objectives for the campaign. Of course, you cannot offer this without a keen understanding of what this analytics data means. Rarely will your ideal course of action be spelled out and you will need to be able to interpret the data accurately.

If you already rely on White Label Copywriting Australia for all your clients’copywriting and content writing services, you should know that this includes all blog and eCommerce content writing services (and the analytics required to improve it). If you’re interested in accessing this service or our wholesale, white label conversion rate optimisation (CRO) services, contact us today.


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