Three Tips To Help End The Web Design “Hurry Up And Wait For Copy” Game

Web designers ought to be credited as being one of the most patient players in this digital marketing game—and although we gladly congratulate such a virtue, we wonder how they ever manage to resist firing some clients.

Once your client’s website is created and everything is ready to go, there is always that persistent, hanging annoyance of the outstanding copy that needs to be provided. You have to wait for your client to send through the copy for their Home, About Us, Services pages etc., as well as other website content, including the content for their blog.

So how can you fast-track this process that often leads to the delay of completed websites, the processing of invoices for this work done and the freeing up of desk space allowing you to take on new web design jobs?

Here are some ideas:


  • Make it a rule

Make it a rule that you do not take on any work unless your client provides you with all copy before you begin the project. This will ensure that you have the copy ready to insert once you have completed their website. Not only does this mean you’ll no longer battle to get web design jobs completed, but it also means you’ll be able to invoice and receive payment much quicker.


  • Hire a copywriter

A great idea might be to offer your clients the services of a copywriter so that all copy can be written for them, and completed in time for the launching of their website.

Get a freelance copywriter to assist you with your web design jobs. Good idea, but freelance copywriters in the United States, and around the world for that matter, have the reputation of being less than reliable and very expensive too.

You could also bring on and employ a fulltime copywriter to join your team. Also a great idea, but, do you have the money in the business to support another fulltime salary? Do you have the time to manage another employee?

Your third option is to bring on the services of a white label, wholesale copywriting service to do all the copy for you. This is a much more reliable option, far less expensive and a guaranteed way to get your copy completed on time, every time.


  • Alter your contract agreement

It may not be a bad idea to prepare an agreement that you sign with your client upon commencement of their project. In this agreement, make it clear that, from the get-go, you expect payment upon completion of the website, whether content is provided on time or not.

This may encourage your clients to offer the copy sooner rather than later.

Finally, perhaps the best advice we can give you is to nurture and secure a good, personable relationship with your clients from day one. The psychology in which “they are in this with you” might be more helpful than any other tip we can give.

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