Your #1 Facebook Tool That Will Help You Optimise Your Content’s Ranking

Every second, around the world, eight people join Facebook. This was the data collected for 2016. This means that for your clients’ brands there is a massive pool of potential customers, and a growing one too. — The question is, how can you optimise your content so that it appears on the Newsfeed of those customers you want to target?

This has always been the marketer’s problem, granted. But there is a great method that we suggest for increasing the reach of your content on Facebook, along with a few tips that will boost your rankings to greater heights.

Let’s look at the facts first:

  • Organic Facebook posts for business pages are dropping dramatically, and several studies from around the world have estimated this drop to be at around the 50% range.
  • Many factors determine how a Newsfeed ranks content, but Facebook has always maintained that its most essential factor is connecting people to the stories they want to read or hear or watch.
  • Facebook prioritises posts from family, friends and news organisations over content from brands.

With these facts in mind, let us examine how best you can claim your spot among the 60 million other businesses vying to have their brands go viral.

Here are four things you need to consider before posting your client’s content because this is what Facebook’s algorithm considers:

  • What brand is posting it?
    If the post comes from a reputable source, such as the BBC, then the ranking will be considered useful and relevant. Therefore, in this section, the rank will be high.
  • How much did people engage?
    Ask yourself if people will engage well with the post you send. Will it be a controversial topic that may get people talking and sharing? — Here’s where you may consider using an experienced white label digital copywriter to help you write something engaging. The more engaging, the more Facebook users will pay attention.
  • What type of post is it?
    Is it a video, an image or written content? Videos may rank higher since users are more prone to click ‘play’ than they are to don their reading-glasses. But this really depends on the content and the audience to whom you are reaching.
  • Date of post
    Like Google, the date of the post shows the relevance of it. In today’s digital marketing space, yesterday’s news is often irrelevant since so many “news writers” are posting every day.

We consider the most important point to increasing the reach of content on Facebook to be engagement. The more engagement your post receives, the more it and your future posts will appear in the Newsfeed of potential customers. — But be careful. The reach for brands drops for additional posts, especially if there are more than three posts a day. Be selective. Be creative. Be informative. Provide useful information.

Here is another option we suggest before we offer you our final piece of advice:

In the “Settings” section of your client’s Facebook Page, click on Audience Optimisation for Audience. When you want to post something, click on the dropdown box and insert all the interests you believe your clients’ potential customers have.

Our final piece of advice, one to take home, is to remember that the Facebook Newsfeed is clever enough to know the type of posts people want to see. Be realistic with your posts and think of your client’s audience. Try to post things that are relevant and important to their customers. — Moreover, remember that there are ways to have Facebook’s algorithm work for your client.

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