Damian Papworth, Globital CEO’s Invests Time And Expertise In His Pakistan Team

The digital marketing landscape is one of constant change, and we know that one of the most sustainable ways to stay ahead of the curve, is to continuously invest in our company’s leaders. Damian Papworth, our CEO, recently provided training to our Pakistan team in Dubai, with the express goal of sharpening our client offering, and providing the team’s leaders with some of the knowledge he has picked up in his twenty years of digital marketing experience.

The training took place in October 2017, and was provided to all the department heads and managers of the Pakistan team. Its aim was to provide the company’s offshore team with a new way to approach client service, and to give its leader the tools they need to bring about continuous growth.

Asjad Afzal, the head of operations for the Pakistan team, left the training with a renewed sense of purpose, “Damian’s training was nothing short of excellent, and the whole team has a new direction and is motivated to bring about a positive change in the company.”

Regarding the digital wholesaler’s client service offering, Asjad was also highly optimistic, “Our customer experience training showed us that we can transform our client services to a much more involved process, that only brings benefit to our clients. I can’t wait to see the change.”

Affan Manzoor, social media manager for the company shared, “I understand now that we shouldn’t just focus on the task at hand, but instead look for ways how we can help our clients realise their need by truly listening and understanding what they require from us. I can’t wait to implement our new skills in the business.”

Damian was pleased with the outcomes of the training as well. “The team is very excited to go back home and put the lessons they’ve learned into practice. I’m very keen to see the benefit our clients, and their clients, will start receiving.” When asked about the reason for the training, Damian said, “We have to be proactive when providing and developing our services. Investing time and training is a sure-fire way to keep us ahead of the curve, which also means that our clients just keep on winning.”

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