How To Use Copywriting To Help Client’s Nurture Sales

When closing a sale, it’s not enough that a brand offers customers something worthwhile that’s better than what others offer and adds real value. The brand needs to be able to clearly communicate this offer and its value.

As a digital marketer, you’ll understand that much of marketing comes down to nurturing customers, so it’s up to you to help them get customers at this crucial buying stage onto the next. One of the most effective ways that you can do this is by using copywriting.

Making your proposal

All customers will start their buying journey by first developing an awareness of your client, and then developing an interest in them (based on their proposed solution to the customer’s problem), before evaluating your client’s offer. It’s here where you’ll need customers to commit to a purchase of a product or service. So how can copywriting help you achieve this?

Creating a Call to Action (CTA)

The simplest way that copywriting can be used to secure a purchase is by carefully constructing your CTA. It’s ensuring that all the hard effort you’ve spent nurturing them up until this stage leads them to undertaking the specific action you need them to take.

By using clear, unambiguous language and direct commands you’re more likely to have a CTA that encourages a sale. This CTA should create a sense of urgency (so they undertake this action now and not later) and can also involve sweetening the deal with a time limited free addition or discount or add a satisfaction guarantee if one applies. You could also include a ‘click trigger’ or useful titbit of information that customers will find relevant, such as free delivery or payment channels supported.

Don’t forget to test it

There is no single copy ideal when it comes to getting customers to respond to a CTA. The only way you can gauge its outcome is through split testing different wordings and written offers to see which ones perform better. This will further guarantee a great outcome.

It seems almost too simple, but copy really does have an important part to play in getting your client that all important sale.

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