How To End The Cycle Of Losing Valuable Leads Through Ineffective Email Marketing

Imagine what a wonderful world it would be for you and your clients if every email marketing campaign you sent out was opened, read, and responded to accordingly? You’d be the top agency and your clients’ ROI would be rocket and record high.

However, this is not the reality. The reality is that valuable leads are being lost through ineffective email marketing tactics. For this reason, we have devised a plan to help you prepare the ultimate marketing strategy to increase your clients’ open rates and click-throughs.

Here are the five rules you should obey when preparing your email marketing for your clients:

  • Know their audience

Before you even begin with an email campaign, you need to understand your client’s customers. Understand the demographic well for whom you are writing. Your client should have the information already, but you can do the research yourself also. Once you know your audience, you will know better how to communicate to them and to what they would most likely respond.

  • Don’t bombard

Sending out tonnes of emails every day or twice a day as many agencies tend to do will not increase an open rate; in fact, it may even cause a negative impact on your client’s brand. People do not want to be bombarded with emails, especially if they’re always asking for something. Be realistic and send out useful information that the prospective customers may actually be willing to read.

  • Be real &  personable

It is very important in today’s digital marketing world to be as human as possible. People have caught up to the tricks of marketers long ago, and are ready to block or press the delete button without any thought of compassion. However, if your email header is catchy and sincere, and the content is something that will inspire the reader, then chances are your efforts may pay off.

  • Consistency is key

If you have decided in your strategy meetings that an email will be sent out to your client’s mailing list every Friday at three o’clock, then you have to stick to it religiously. People may even be expecting the email. The more consistent you remain, the hold you will have on your client’s readership. People are used to familiarity and routine – use that natural psychology to your advantage.

  • Hire a phenomenal copywriter

In order to grab the attention of a prospective customer, you must use your best weapon when it comes to crafting an email marketing campaign. You should use an experienced copywriter to write the copy so that it is both error-free and engaging. Only a talented and experienced copywriter has the ability and expertise to deliver the results in this regard to please your client’s expectations.

We hope that with these tips you can increase your lead generation through your email marketing and start seeing the results you will be proud to show your clients. Still you should also take into account that a report released last year from Mailchimp showed that the highest open rates average at around 27% and the average open rates come in from between 18 and 20%.

If you need any assistance from our in-house professional email marketers to provide you with white label copy at wholesale rates, please feel free to contact us on here.


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