4 Ways Of Improving Your Client’s User Experience

First impressions are an important aspect of human interactions and the same can be said when someone visits your client’s website. If they have a bad experience, they are most likely not going to come back again.

Improving UX not only guarantees an increased conversion rate, but also positively affects the Return on Investment (ROI). Here is how you can improve your client’s UX;

  1. Create an Inviting Homepage.

One of the most effective ways of improving UX is by creating a unique and inviting homepage that highlights the key message of the service/product(s) your client offers. The trick here, is to not place everything on the first page but keep the message brief and enticing enough for them to keep browsing through the website. Remember, first impressions are key and a homepage that is ugly and cluttered does not make a good first impression.

A few tips;

  • Keep it simple.
  • Link your client’s logo to the homepage.

2. Improve Speed

If the website does not load within 3-4 seconds, every second the user waits for the website to load, the greater the chance that they will leave the website as they are having a bad experience.

To ensure that your client’s website loads faster than Usain Bolt running a world record 100m race, ensure that the images are not enormous and being used as tiny thumbnails where applicable.

3. Tweak the Design of The Website

When trying to improve the UX of your client’s website, the cardinal sin is to use stock photos, which can make any exquisite site look like a cheap and mediocre knock-off. Rather use photos of your actual team, products or premises that will add that important authenticity touch.

4. Conduct a UX Review/Audit

Conducting a UX review/audit is boring, we know, but it is an important process that will need to be done. This review/audit will give insight on the flaws that need to be polished up, holes that need to be filled and problems that need to urgently be attended to.

If you have set up a sound base for testing your client’s website and you know their users very well, you will already save yourself a lot pain in the future. Greater results are bound to follow if time and money are invested in improving the user’s UX and if you’d like a free UX audit, get in touch with our team today.

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