How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Level Up Their Content

We’ve heard this time and time again, but learning to level up your content all the time will ensure your clients’ content creates readership, engagement, and conversions. And with an online audience that is constantly evolving and looking for better, more interesting copy, it’s important for your digital marketing agency to change your clients’ content from how-tos and reasons why to more newsworthy posts.

Level Up Your Client’s Content With Local Content

First thing’s first, if you know your clients’ audience, you’ll know that they’re local. Localising your clients content to fit the hot-and-happening news of the local community is sure to get those engagements up! Search for news relating to your clients’ topics and incorporate it into the content. Browsing news websites, community groups on social media and keeping abreast of what is going on means that your clients’ content will be local and newsworthy. 

Newsworthy Posts Means It Targets Your Clients’ Target Audience

According to, “Making sure that your copywriting is on point is the first step, but regardless of the quality and strength of your content, your efforts will be futile unless your content is actually reaching your target audiences. Content that isn’t visible, accessible or is reaching the wrong audiences won’t produce the results that you want to see. Therefore, it is essential that you identify your target audience and strategically implement content that will interest them, leading to meaningful interactions, which will ideally result in increased traffic, revenue, and sales.”

CTAs Make For Newsworthy Content

Not only are you seeking to create conversation and engagement for your clients, but you’re looking to create call-to-actions for your clients. “Ideally, content should be presented in an interactive and conversational tone rather than a passive relaying of information. A call to action not only speaks to your audiences directly but actively encourages them to act upon the content you have given them. A call to action should prompt a positive response, interaction or sale from a customer. Typically, it’s the use of specific words or phrases which establish your brand’s image and purpose and can be incorporated into sales scripts, advertisements, social media platforms, and webpages. An effective call to action will encourage potential and existing customers to act immediately and in a specific way. Essentially, they’re meant to improve the response rate to your marketing initiatives. Phrases such as ‘Buy Now,’ ‘Join Free For A Month,’ or ‘Discover Today’ are some examples of engaging and relevant calls to action.”

For Newsworthy Content, Contact Us

As content specialists, we’re able to help your digital marketing agency create newsworthy content for your clients that is not just passive relaying of information, how-tos, and reasons why, but actually newsworthy. If your digital marketing agency wants more information or support with content, email .


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