In the great race to create even more content on business websites, email marketing and social media channels it can be a challenge for digital marketers to find the time to devote to content auditing of client’s content plans. This is the all-important activity of stepping back, taking stock and asking yourself the vital question of: what’s working and what’s not?

Reviewing content strategies is the cornerstone of a successful content management strategy. In the latest findings reported in the Content Marketing in Australia: 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, 47% of Australian marketers include a measurement plan that provides insights as well as progress made to achieve business goals in their effective content marketing strategies.

Why Content Audits are Useful

When it comes to content management many factors come into play like changes in policy, improper management of content created, content intended for the same target audience but through different messages and across different mediums. Content auditing helps manage and improve the content creation process by helping brands keep track of effective marketing strategies and learn from those that did not produce desired results.

Reviewing marketing content is a thorough analytical process that helps determine if you have met your client’s content marketing plan objectives. Any solid content marketing audit will help you answer some of the following questions:

  • Has the content promoted the brand image?
  • Has the content improved sales leads?
  • Is the content current or outdated and does it meet the needs of the customers?
  • Is it engaging? (52 percent of consumers find quality engaging content on social media channels promotes positive brand experience and the foremost reason for consumers leaving a brand’s channel is due to irrelevant and unappealing content)
  • Is the content assisting in improving the brand’s quality assurance?
  • Is the content doing what it is supposed to do?

Changing consumer trends continue to influence the digital marketing sphere, the technologies used and the way marketing is implemented. This flux of change has created a need for enhanced content management control with a vital role being played by regular content audits.

The benefits gained can help improve content quality going forward and provide focus for future content plans. If content management of your clients’ digital marketing campaigns is spiralling out of control or you need more quality engaging copy created for business blogs or website content why not let the expert team at White Label Copywriting Australia take care of your business frustrations?

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