In a recent article in Forbes titled “14 Ways You Can Use Google Analytics To Improve Your Website”, various Australian digital marketing industry experts were asked to offer their advice on the single most important factor they believe that marketers and agencies should be focusing on, on behalf of their clients – as well as why it matters. At the very top of the list? Examining the reasons for site’s bounce rate.

Most web developers are aware that a bounce rate is related to many different factors, and that not all of them are obvious. The customer could have changed their mind about what they were looking for, or found that your e-Commerce website content did not offer a solution to their problems. There are also more obvious reasons that frequently lead to a higher bounce rate, like a slow to load landing page.

Like most agencies in the business of offering clients websites, you’ll be aware of the importance of website loading speed – but you need to remember that this is only one of many on-page factors that could negatively impact a page’s bounce rate.

In many instances, optimising a landing page’s Call To Action, or making its content more engaging can be just what a site needs to keep a visitor on the page for longer.

At White Label Copywriting Australia, we offer clients wholesale content writing services from experienced press release writers, website content writers and blog writers. What we’ve come to realise is that many agencies outsource wholesale copywriting services to businesses similar to ours – but that these services consist of wholesale copywriters who just churn out generic, run of the mill copy, or copy crammed with so many keywords that it fails to make sense.

These writers are not able to naturally integrate SEO copywriting into their website content writing services, and therefore aren’t able to create the kind of copy required to keep customers on the page.

So while fixing your site speed might seem like the most obvious solution to lowering your bounce rate, if you are looking for a longer term solution, then working on optimising your landing page content (while you still sort out a site’s loading speed) might be an option worth considering.

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